Sustainable development implies a concern and articulation between economic, social and environmental areas in a global economy context. Effective establishment of the principles of sustainable economic development presupposes a new vision and new forms of action at local, regional and global levels.

It is with this concern that 360Waste was built, an integrated solution for waste management. Consisting in volumetric reading sensors installed in containers and an online platform equipped with a set of tools that help the management process and allow a reduction of costs.

Our service focuses on one of the central problems of contemporary societies, the production and management of waste in order to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment.


  • More efficient planning, saving on logistics costs and reducing the volume of pollution.
  • Centralized information focusing on good management and planning of the collection process.
  • Noise reduction in the city.
  • Applicability to different types of containers and waste.
  • Volume history, forecasts, drop and fire alerts on the container.
  • Maintenance of the container yard.
  • Statistics, collection schedules, washing markings.
  • Integration with Smartphone / Tablet application.
  • Real-time information.

Online platform

Access to data is available on the online platform through secure access. The platform consists of a graphical interface with intuitive and easy-to-use features and tools.

The following data are available:

  • Fill levels for each container.
  • Detailed analysis of collection frequency.
  • The history of filling levels.
  • Logging of anomalies or service needs.
  • Container location map.
  • Filling prediction algorithms.
  • Record of maintenance and other relevant information of the containers.
  • Container groups and statistics.

Sensor datasheet 

  • The sensor uses ultrasonic technology to measure the volume of containers.
  • Real time volumetric reading.
  • Compatible with various materials, solids or liquids.
  • Energetically independent.
  • Autonomous communications system.
  • Maintenance-free and easy to install.
  • Security and reliability in communications.
  • Robust and resistant.
  • Measurement performed with volume change.

Sensor Specifications

  • Proprietary polyurethane.
  • Diameter 120mm.
  • Height 45 mm.
  • Weight 350g.
  • Reach 20cm to 320cm.
  • Ultrasound directivity 80º.
  • Accuracy of + – 2cm.
  • Autonomy 10 years.
  • High performance lithium battery.
  • GPRS or LoRa.
  • Location by GPS.
  • Operating Temp. -20 – +80 ° C.
  • 4 x M5 screw.