Lighting represents one of the highest energy costs on most businesses and buildings. This is something where the use of more efficient equipment turns into significant reductions in energy consumption. Studies show that on average about 50% of the electricity used in lighting can be saved by investing in energy-efficient lighting systems.

These investments are not only cost-effective but also contribute to the maintenance or improvement of lighting quality.

A well-implemented lighting installation can contribute to a company’s profitability by enabling:

  • Financial gains: being aware of the quality of lighting should lead to a reflection on the operation and maintenance costs of the installation;
  • Productivity gains: good lighting contributes to improved production conditions and quality control;
  • Social gains: by reducing discomfort, visual fatigue and risk of accidents;
  • Environmental gains: with the use of efficient lighting there is less energy consumption and consequently there is less emission of greenhouse gases to the environment.

Fluorescent lighting is the most widely used technology on the market and, therefore, it is one of greatest possibilities for energy savings. The most common installations are discharge luminaires for high ceiling lighting and tubular fluorescent ferromagnetic ballast luminaires for lower ceilings in both industrial and tertiary sector lighting. Currently on the market there are more efficient technical solutions from the point of view of consumption, energy quality, lamp life and light quality.

Lighting using LED technology ensures better light quality, reduced energy consumption, longer equipment life and reliability, and therefore lower associated maintenance costs as it does not require the use of auxiliary equipment such as ballasts and starters, which also power. SUNVIENERGY has efficient solutions for lighting for your company, which allows you to save up to 70% on energy costs by replacing existing lamps and luminaires with high quality and environmentally friendly LED solutions.