With a global presence throughout Europe and South America, Sunvienergy specializes in the distribution of modules, kits and photovoltaic components, combining product quality with an excellent support service.

Sunvia solar modules have excellent performance and are ideal for building solar systems, their design and high-quality construction standards assure an excellent cost-efficiency.

Specially designed for off-grid applications: the exceptional performance of the module allows the feeding of remote applications such as telecommunications, water pumping and lighting.

Main features

  • Guaranteed quality: 10 year warranty, 25 year performance guarantee;
  • Positive energy up to 5 Watts;
  • Certified module to withstand high snow loads up to 5.4 kN / m2;
  • Anti-glare coating for high sunlight absorption.

Suggested for

Autonomous systems are ideal solutions to bring electrical energy to the most remote places of the planet:

  • The supply of electrical energy to the rural population;
  • Leisure facilities;
  • Measuring installations;
  • Street lighting and traffic lights;
  • Water Pumping Systems;
  • Mobile vehicles such as boats;
  • Motorhomes;
  • Other solution.