The Smart Pole is a completely autonomous off grid solution with the integration of Solar Photovoltaic technology that allows the integration of Solar Lighting, Security System – CCTV, HotSpot Internet Access (WIFI), Panic Button / SOS, IP Audio System and Natural Hazard Alert System.

Indicated for

  • Public Parks;
  • Campsites;
  • Urban and Rural Streets;
  • National Roads and Motorways;
  • Commercial and Industrial Areas;
  • Leisure Areas.


Lighting represents one of the highest energy costs on most businesses and buildings. This is something where the use of more efficient equipment turns into significant reductions in energy consumption. Studies show that on average about 50% of the electricity used in lighting can be saved by investing in energy-efficient lighting systems.

Security system

CCTV, strategically positioned that captures and transmits images to a video management system, which allows, among other things, the visualization / recording of these same images.

HotSpot (Wi-Fi) internet access system

Technology that allows wireless access to the internet in the nearby area.

IP audio system

It allows the centralized control of all the audio equipment, as well as the personalized management of each equipment.

Control system

Mobile application that allows the management of all technology integrated in the system.

Panic button / SOS

Alert button that allows you to establish a communication channel in emergency situations or for requesting help.

Natural hazard alert system

Natural hazard alert system, which establishes a channel for communication and information sharing, related to the eminence of natural disasters or risks.

Sunvia Smart Box

Smart Server Sunvia Lite


  • LED technology from 10W to 50W of power
  • Color Temperature 3000K / 3950K / 5300K

Control of light intensity

  • Motion Detection
  • Time control

Column and Structure

  • Anticorrosive galvanized steel
  • Fixing by flange or burial solution
  • Wind Resistance 31 m / s
  • Impact Resistance IK08 *
  • Electrical class I / II

(*) According to EN62262


  • Battery bank of 12V or 24V gel
  • Burial solution
  • Minimum autonomy: 2 days

Internet access system

  • Hotspot (Wi-fi)

Audio system

  • Sound transmission over IP

Security system

  • CCTV
  • SOS

Web interface

  • View and manage all posts

Produto base (com unidade de gestão e controlo)

SP040131Post 4 mts, LED 30W, Photovoltaic Panel and Batteries
SP040151Pole 4 mts, LED 50W, Photovoltaic Panel and Batteries


FKSP01C1CCTV Kit, Fixed Camera, Day / Night IR Illumination
FKSP01C2CCTV Kit, Speed Dome Zoom 20x, Day / Night
FKSP01C3Audio Distribution Kit