Wallbox – Quasar

Wallbox Car Charger – Quasar

General description

Quasar is the revolution of car charging, allowing bidirectional charging. Wallbox has created a bidirectional direct current (DC) electric charger for home use. It uses exclusive power electronics and high frequency switching technology to optimize the energy relationship between vehicle, power grid, generation and energy storage at home.

Light and compact enough to fit in a home environment, without losing the premium style that influenced the design of the Wallbox. It features facial recognition technology and gesture control. It comes with an integrated cable and allows a load output of up to 7.4 kW.


Multiple user access through RFID tags and the MyWallbox application.

Automatically distributes available power to all other connected chargers.

Power Boost automatically adjusts power and provides the best possible charging experience (Optional)

Data updated and synchronized in real-time through the load management platform.

Unlocking with a gesture or facial recognition (optional)