YupCharge – Solar

YupCharger – Solar

General description

SOLAR is an ideal charging solution for outdoor spaces. It is especially ecological and self-sufficient. It works through renewable solar energy captured with photovoltaic panels.

The standard version is capable of charging up to 8 mobile phones simultaneously. It also includes protection against bad weather (IP54). In addition, it is possible to include Wi-Fi and IoT solutions (sensors for measuring temperature, humidity and air quality). Therefore, it is possible to observe, measure and obtain information statistics in real time through a management panel.

SOLAR is ideal for gyms, sports clubs, hospitals, post offices, smart cities, theme parks and schools.

This solution is, therefore, an iconic solution that brings together the world of technology and sustainability in a brilliant way, aiming to help the development of Smart Cities. It is able to offer digital connections and secure charging for all users, always respecting the environment.

Main Features

USB weather protection systems.

Monocrystalline solar panels

AcT technology that offers faster loading speed while protecting mobile devices.

Battery life over 7 days.

Resistant to winds of up to 80km / hour

Adjacent benches that support up to 200 kg.

Maintenance-free AGM battery.

Ability to add Wi-Fi and IoT accessories

230x230mm advertising space